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2 January 2013: Swing Regime appears on the Noshten Horizont programme on Bulgarian National Radio with Nikolai Atanasov

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Swing Regime: new original songs with a Balkan sound

Since the band was set up in 2001, Swing Regime has performed classic swing in Sofia clubs. The band's repertoire enriches jazz standards with a variety of styles ranging from Parisien musette, Latino rhythms and Balkan music.
From that starting point, Swing Regime set out in a new direction in 2009, performing Mark Bossanyi's original songs and tunes based on his favourite influences from the world of swing, salsa, musette, Irish music and Balkan instrumental music.
In the band's newest songs, these styles are graced by Nina Ilkova's impressive vocals, Ivan Stilyanov's virtuoso solo guitar and Lazar Benov's inventive drum work.
Musicians Mark Bossanyi, Lazar Benov and Ivan Stilyanov talk on "Art Efir" and above the influence of jazz and Balkan music that inspired their projects in Bulgaria and abroad:
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