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Good-time music with a wink in its eye. That's what swing is about!
A repertoire for real music lovers: polyphonic swing and Balkan jazz, bringing together East and West, Francophonia, Bulgarophonia, Anglophona and Latin America.
Swing Regime first appeared in public in 2001 and has since become one of the more sustainable jazz phenomena in Sofia, Bulgaria, with its atmospheric and melodic good-time sound.
The band gradually enriched its original repertoire from the great period of swing and classic jazz with Latin American and French elements.  Later, the band began to develop Mark Bossanyi's original songs, with their English lyrics and surprisingly catchy Balkan rhythms, along with a variety of other styles that have influenced Swing Regime's musicians over the years. 
As Swing Regime's repertoire gradually shifted from instrumental jazz to songs with Mark Bossanyi's polyphonic vocal arrangements, we teamed up with two old friends from the Bacillus Balkanicus Band, with which we did a concert tour around France ten years ago. 
This injected the products Atanas Hadzhiev's stunning musical imagination into our repertoire, along with Mihail Nedkov's rock-steady rhythmic guitar. Combined with Valeri Pastarmadzhiev's double bass, steeped in the style of the swing era, Swing Regime never fails to show a new surprise up its sleeve!
Catch the moment while you can, because next time it'll be new again!


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